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  1. About DiCon Lighting

    LED technology stands as the future of lighting. More so than any other light source, LEDs allow for longer lifetimes, better energy efficiency, and the unprecedented ability to mix, match and create dynamic lighting by using superior optics to create a number of exciting effects.

    Integrating LED technology into lighting fixtures, however, comes with an unchartered set of challenges that traditional lighting never had to manage. In addition to brainstorming innovative designs, lighting companies must also amalgamate an inter-disciplinary background in advanced engineering and science to create a great product. For example, in addition to typical mechanical designs, LED product designers must find ways to improve and manage a fixture's thermal management, electronic controls, and optics.

    DiCon Lighting is uniquely positioned to take on the challenges of 21st century lighting and LED technology. With over 25 years in the photonics industry, DiCon Lighting has accumulated years of experience in engineering complex electrical optical systems with intelligent, sophisticated controls that are proven to have high durability and reliability. With this established team of experts in place and access to a proprietary Dense Matrix LED™ platform, it has built a strong family of brands that feature the best lighting fixtures for professional and general consumer markets.

    DiCon Lighting is excited to usher in this new age of light by precisely engineering light and effectively delivering it to you through a continuously expanding family of brands.

    Cielux, designs and manufactures high quality LED architectural lighting. Incorporating the patented Dense Matrix LED platform, the intense lights maintain a compact footprint, allowing for the creation of environments without undue attention to the fixtures. These powerful yet efficient lights offer versatility and superior controllability. The available accessories make it easy to shape and focus the light, and with the color tunabilty, there are ways to create the perfect ambiance not possible before. Cielux fixtures are designed and manufactured by an obsessive team of designers and engineers with close to 30 years of experience. With their balance of function and aesthetics, Cielux lights are illuminating brilliance.

    For more information, please visit www.cielux.com

    Fiberlamp began with the realization that the small yet intense Dense Matrix LED platform was ideal for traditional fiber optic lighting. The first DiCon Lighting brand emerged as an innovator in this field with its ability to quickly switch colors at the LED level, superior coupling, and excellent efficiency. Fiberlamps offer millions of colors, with no filter wheel, and is ideal for use with fiber optic curtains, chandeliers, or starry ceilings. The small footprint and uniform output make it an ideal light source for hard to reach places or challenging environments, such as swimming pools and high humidity areas. They can be used to replicate a classic neon look, but are much safer and easier to maintain. With its many technologically advanced features it is clear why Fiberlamp has been the fixture of choice for so many large scale projects.

    For more information, please visit www.fiberlamp.com.

    Fiilex brings beautiful point source LED lighting to the image making world. Used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and photographers, these intense lights feature, adjustable color temperature, dimming capability, and a very high CRI. They are powerful, compact, highly portable, and cool to the touch. The lights are very versatile, and can be used for studio installations or on location, with various lights offering DMX control, enhanced water resistance, or D-tap power options. Fiilex offers many lighting kits each designed to fit a professional workflow, and a full line of light modifying accessories, providing a complete lighting solution for the modern visual artist. Fiilex is "Brilliance Made Beautiful."

    For more information, please visit www.fiilex.com.

    Kessil designs and manufactures advanced LED lighting products for the horticulture, aquarium and algae industries. Utilizing the Dense Matrix LED platform, Kessil's horticulture lights produce an intense, penetrating beam tuned to specific spectrums. This unique tuning of the spectrum optimizes plant growth at every stage of development. Kessil aquarium lights are spectrum tuned to provide the best light for healthy coral growth, and the unique arrangement of the array under a single lens, gives water in aquariums a "shimmer" look rivaled only by the sun. With its many advancements in spectral tuning, Kessil is leading "The Spectral Revolution."

    For more information, please visit www.kessil.com.

    ScopeLED™ designs and manufactures state-of-the-art light sources for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy and creates a superior alternative to conventional light sources. The Stereo microscope and Bright Field illuminators use a Dense Matrix LED array producing high intensity white and RGB colored light. The RGB bright field dense matrix array contains no white Phosphor LEDs and is safe to use as a shutterable transmitted light source for all widefield fluorescence, confocal and super resolution microscopy systems. ScopeLED illuminators are a superior bright reliable alternative to conventional halogen, metal halide and mercury microscopy illumination systems. It's smart, reliable, cool to the touch, energy efficient, and long lasting.
    ScopeLED - Illuminating your view

    For more information, please visit www.ScopeLED.com.