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  1. Awards

    The Fiilex Matrix Wins Top Honors at the 2016 Lucie Technical Awards

    The Matrix light has won "Best Continuous Light Source" at the 2016 Lucie Technical Awards.

    Visit tech.lucies.org

    The Fiilex P360EX Wins Best Continuous Light System in 2014 Hot One Awards

    The P360EX is named as "The pros' choice" for continuous light from Professional Photographer Magazine....more

    Visit www.ppmag.com

    The Fiilex Q500 Wins Prestigious Award from The Cine Gear Expo 2014

    With the Q500, we set out to make a light that could open up new possibilities for filmmakers....more

    Visit www.cinegearexpo.com

    Cielux Wins 2 Innovation Awards at LIGHTFAIR 2014

    Cielux T80 track light was awarded the Innovation Award

    Visit www.lightfair.com

    P360 and the P180 Win The "Onion" Award from Resource Magazine

    Resource Magazine is a quarterly publication for the working and aspiring photo/video....more

    Visit resourcemagonline.com

    LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2013 Innovation Awards

    Cielux T25 Track Light wins Best in the Category awards

    Visit www.lightfair.com

    The Fiilex P180E Wins the Salute Award, given by the Government Video Magazine

    The Fiilex P180 Tunable ENG Light can be mounted on a camera or light stand, and provides plenty of cool, color-adjustable LED lighting for field or even studio shoots....more

    Visit www.governmentvideo.com

    The Kessil A350 Wins the 2012 Reef Builders LED Showdown

    It was an extremely tight contest with the Kessil A350 winning with 52% of the vote and a slim 26-vote margin over the AI Vega ....more

    Visit reefbuilders.com

    LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2012 Innovation Awards

    Cielux Twist Desk Lamp wins Best in the Indoor Decorative (Task Lights)

    Visit www.lightfair.com

    Lighting for Tomorrow Design Competition 2012

    Cielux Flex Desk Lamp wins Honorable Mention ....more

    Visit www.lightingfortomorrow.com